Why do we not grant a criminal the right to pursue a career in crime? Should he have equal rights to apply his skills in his chosen career the same as others who work at other jobs? If not is that discrimination?

This is the type of thinking that is too common in our country today and is behind many serious mistakes we are making as a society. Someone has rightly said, “No man is an island.” That is a principle. It means that we interact with other people. They are affected by what we do and we are affected by what they do. That is why criminal activity is not acceptable. It deprives others of their rights. In our obsession with “rights” we seem to forget that many so called “rights” can be wrong and can make things bad for all of us.

Someone has also said, “Your rights end where my nose begins.” What a robber, a thief, or a crook of any kind does is not a “right,” it is a “wrong.” It violates the rights of others by taking their possessions unlawfully. Civilized societies have laws requiring honesty of its citizens for the well being of all. Without them it would not be a civilization. We have rights within the realm of what is right. But the so called “rights” to do things that are wrong are not rights, they are wrongs. They infringe on the rights of others.

Believe it or not this fundamental fact, simple as it is, is being set aside in our land today. For instance there are large numbers of people and groups crusading for the “rights” of a woman to kill her unborn, or newly born, baby, including the government in Washington and our president. “She has the right,” they say, “to decide what happens to her own body.” But what about the rights of the baby to live? In the name of her “rights” the baby’s life is taken from it and it is not given a choice.

It is true that the woman has “rights.” She does not have to keep the child if she doesn’t want to, even though it was her actions that brought it into being. But there are other ways of removing the child, such as adoption, ways which are civilized enough to consider the baby’s rights too. Killing the baby is not a right, it s a wrong. The woman who does that is extending her “rights” to the obliterating of the baby’s rights.

There are several “options” being exercized today that are wrong in the sense that they are very damaging to the common good. Failure to see this has many people blinded to what is happening. About a decade ago Bill Clinton signed into law the “Defense of marriage Act.” That was beneficial to us all. At that time it was politically correct to say that the sanctity of marriage should be defended and most people believed that it was important to respect that sanctity. But now the tide of political opinion has shifted and Bill Clinton shifted with it. He is asking the supreme court to repeal that law, saying that it should never have been adopted.

A wise military leader said, “As goes the home so goes the nation.” Many have recognized that the bulwark of civilized society is the home and family. Therefore those who demand the “rights” to pervert what marriage and home are, do wrong in a way that destroys what all of us have a stake in, a civilized society.  Yes, they can live a perverted life style is they choose to, but when they try to force the rest of us to  give it our endorsement they trample on our rights to obey God.

In the name of “rights” our government banished the word of God and prayer from public American life. In the aftermath of that basic civilization has deteriorated to the point that now what is actually right is rarely considered. The only question posed by most leaders today is “What will get the votes of the people?” And for most people the question is “What will get me the most money and enable me to do as I please?”

Now America has become another Sodom and Gomorrha. Hollywood has been leading the way in that for decades with its abandonment of modesty and morality. Our government pushes that way also. Our president has said in public several times, “I support same sex marriage.” Many laws have been passed to promote homosexuality. Meanwhile the Bible is not allowed to offer guidance to our school children and the theory of evolution has to be taught, which in essence says that the Biblical account of creation is untrue. It is as the Bible predicted, perilous times have come upon us.

But there is one bright spot. You can still cast your vote on the side of sanity, both at the polls and in daily life. We still have a few political candidates who would try to reverse this evil trend. Vote for them! And put in a word for God and country every time you get the chance. Let’s stand up for “rights” that are right rights, not wrong “rights.” Before we give up let’s take another shot at trying to turn things around. Don’t float along with the current. Stand up for what is right. Maybe there will be enough of us to make a difference.




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