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Regular DVDs available. We have the three lesson MDR seminar on DVD. This is the complete three session study presented at El Paso, Texas in 2004.  All three lessons are on one disc. 1. What the text actually says.  2. How Paul understood Jesus.  3. How Grace applies. Price: $10 plus $2 first class shipping.

NEW DVD video. Latest material. Two session presentation on divorce & remarriage.  $10 plus $2 first class shipping.


1.What the Bible Says about marriage divorce, and remarriage.” Special announcement! THIS BOOK HAS NOW BEEN PRINTED AGAIN AND WE HAVE NEW COPIES IN STOCK! (And at a reduced price!)  This is the most thorough indepth study of this entire subject any of us have done. Published by College Press originally in hard back, now available only in paperback.                              288 pages.  PRICE REDUCTION: The price on this book has been returned to its original figure,  $10 plus shipping.

2. Two books in one, Divorce & Remarriage the Issues made clear, and Divorce, repentance, and the Gospel of Christ. Two of our most popular books together in one volume. Includes two chapters on the history of the controversy in the restoration movement and what respected leaders of the past have said about it. Explains many points that have been misunderstood and misrepresented. Many have found this book very helpful. Total of 157 pages. $5 plus shipping.

3. God’s Land of Beginning Again. A small but effective book to help marriages in trouble and to help people who have experienced the trauma of divorce and must now chart a future course. Co-authored by Olan & Barbara, this book sets forth a woman’s perspective as well as a man’s on some crucial issues. If you are trying to help someone who has this probem, this little book can help.     64 pages —  $3 plus shipping.


4. Church of Christ let’s examine ourselves. The restoration movement was begun by men of considerable intelligence and was anchored in solid Biblical ideals. But in later generations the movement fell into the hands of men with less than perfect understanding of its original principles. As is the case with most great religious movements, the time has come when it needs a “thousand mile checkup.” This book is designed to help us see the real flaws and call us back to the original anchor, comparison with the scripture text.   Includes a chapter on translations.  96 pages–$5 plus S & H.

5. The restoration movement side tracked. Documents how Daniel Sommer’s legalistic views turned the church of Christ to a more divisive stance in the late 1800s and resulted in the division over instruments and many other divisions that occured in the 20th century. In this book we suggest that a return to the fundamentals of the original movement would solve many of our problems. It chronicles my own pilgrimage out of the anti-instrument position and the Bible reasons for that change. 64 pages–$4 plus S & H


6. Apostate church – authentic church. Buff Scott affirmed that the word “church” does not translate the Greek word “ekklesia,” that the whole idea of church is an apostasy and that building and using church buildings is idolatry. Olan Hicks affirmed that “church” is a correct translation of “ekklesia,” that Jesus did build a church, is the divinely appointed head of it, that God adds the saved to that church, and that it does exist and is locatable in today’s world.   96 pages – $3 plus S & H.

7. HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE. Two opposing views on hermeneutics. Chuck Dorsey is a graduate of the very conservative Freed-Hardeman University, and for 12 years worked at planting churches of that kind. But he left that doctrinal position and gravitated to an opposite extreme. He is now a “pastor” in the very liberal “Disciples of Christ” church. In this exchange Chuck affirmed the tenets of a liberal manner of interpreting the Bible and Olan Hicks affirmed that all scripture is God breathed and should be taken exactly as written. Although both men agree that the scriptures are the inspired word of God, there is a big difference in how each believes that word should be handled. This is a dialogue in the right spirit, a very good study of how to use the Bible.   96 pages – $4 plus shipping & handling.

8. THE AD 70 THEORY of last things. A 32 page treatment showing the errors of this theory in the light of scripture and natural facts. $2 plus $1 shipping.

9. WHAT IF WE DISAGREE? Emphasizing Biblical procedures for maintaining unity. The proposition here is that God cares very much about what we do in case of disagreement. The Bible gives many more  specific instructions on this point than most Christians realize or have ever studied. Suitable for class or group studies, with questions at the end of each chapter. This book has been very helpful to many churches.  80 pages – $4 plus shipping.

10. THREE NIGHT DEBATE ON DIVORCE & REMARRIAGE: Olan Hicks – Mac Deaver Held in middle Tennessee in 1995. In this one the real issues were more clearly understood and treated than in any previous debates. In answer to a question Mac said he does not believe that a man who puts away an innocent wife and marries another commits adultery because adultery is a sex act and therefore occurs in the sex practices of the next marriage. I affirmed that Jesus spoke the truth when He said that adultery is committed in doing those two things, and Paul spoke the truth when he said that every man should have a wife and every woman a husband, to avoid immorality, and further said that a man who has been put away by his wife does not sin if he marries.  188 pages.  $5 + $2 S & H


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