Several have written me wondering why “church of Christ bashing” has become so popular. Al Maxey’s relentless attacks are a puzzle for many. What several of you said is true. He is drunk with self promotion. He is doing what he has seen pay off for others. He has seen Max Lucado sell out the truth, become popular with denominational people, and literally make millions in publishing materials. He has seen Rubel Shelly and others preach a compromised message and achieve fame, many speaking appointments, and even high positions in the church in the same way. He has seen radical left wingers acquire huge followings and build mega churches and other organizations, by preaching what most people want to hear.

On the other hand these same liberals have seen Gospel preachers who remain faithful to the word, barely make it financially, preach pearls of Biblical wisdom to small audiences, and receive ridicule and mockery from the religious elite. I am told that Billy Graham once spoke to a group of Gospel preachers and he said to them, “I know that sins are forgiven at baptism. But if I preached that I would be preaching to small audiences like you are.” What did Jesus say about the “broad way” and where it leads?

In John 13 Jesus expressed sadness about the one who would betray Him for thirty pieces of silver. “He who eats bread with me has lifted up his heel against me.” In that context He said His disciples would experience similar things. “The servant is not greater than his master.” Later, in chapter 15, He reminded them that He had said that and applied it this way: “If they persecuted me they will also persecute you.” (Vs.20) Then He stated why they do such things.  “All these things they will do to you for my name’s sake because they do not know Him who sent me.”

That is the heart of the matter right there. These men do not know the God of the Bible. They know the god of Joel Osteen. The God of the Bible said that He is a covenant keeping God and requires His people to be the same. The God of Joel Osteen says that “God loves you just as you are and he is going to give you great blessings today. You don’t need to be concerned about anything.” The God of the Bible said, “This is the covenant that I will make with them, I will put my laws in their minds and wrote them on their hearts…” (Heb. 8:10) The god of Osteen and Maxey says, “God’s covenant is a covenant of grace, not a covenant of laws. His gifts are not based on obedience to commands.”

Those who go that way are all on the same ground. They are not willing to a “level playing field” as the Bible specifies it: “Prove all things. Hold fast to what is good” (1 Thess. 5:21) That is a contemptious idea in their circles. They demand acceptance of their doctrines without question. They harshly condemn the very act of disagreeing with them. They know they cannot meet the truth of the Bible on equal footing so they will not try. They refuse to discuss or debate, they just tell you what to believe and if you do not quickly accept it they dismiss you as a trouble maker.

To demonstrate that this is the truth here is a debate proposition. I challenge any of  them to debate it. I will affirm that

The views of our current liberal element is not faith according to the Bible definition of faith.

Olan Hicks





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3 Responses to “LIBERALISM’S GOD”

Bobby Davis Says:

I believe the liberalism is coming from the acceptance of evolution through deep time. Al Maxey and others have merged two Worldviews. It is really sad that so many within the Church have attempted to mix two opposing Worldviews and form their own concept of earth’s origins. I mention to the theistic evolutionists that if evolution is true then Jesus Christ is in the lineage of an ape and that is a dangerous concept to hold when standing in front of the Creator at judgment. These men of “science” and of “god” that try to hold to man’s view of the cosmos origins attempt to sprinkle their believe system with a few scriptures to make it good is a slippery slope. Our experience in both Longview and Dallas have proven the church is full of these people who I have a difficult time calling “brother” when we are so far apart in our beliefs. They believe in a god aided progression of evolution through billions of years, tooth and claw struggle for life (death) prior to sin and local flood theory instead of the one great Flood. They also believe in the upward progression (evolution) of language instead of the Tower of Babel and creation of many languages. Not much we agree on except the resurrection of the dead on the last day which I remind these people is a totally unscientific belief.

I have come to a road block over this issue. I am a petroleum engineer who came to Dallas and ran into this with several elders.


Olan Says:

Thanks for expressing your view. I do not believe that evolution, theistic or otherwise, is capable of originating anything. I believe, as the Bible says, that God alone has the power to create or destroy. As to what METHODS he has used, too much is left unsaid to be dogmatic on that question. He created the heavens and the earth and He directs the heaven and the earth in their appointed courses.

Olan Says:

Brother Davis;
Thanks for the comments. I agree that the evolutionary concept is wrong as concerns the origin of things, especially the human race. I do not see any connection between the “theistic evolution” idea and our current problems with liberalism. There could be one but I don’t see it right now. To me it looks more like a misconception about the absolute sovereignty of God is behind it. More and more I notice that proponents of liberal precepts feel free to change, or even deny, plain scripture statements. I know that a desire for popularity is one factor. But I believe that if we can get a person to acknowledge that everything God said is final and unchangeable, they can read each passage more carefully.

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