THERE IS ONE GOD. Everyone has the right to hear about Him. THERE IS ONE SAVIOR. No one can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ. THERE IS ONE FAITH, once for all delivered to the saints. Everyone has the right to be taught it. On this web site we seek to serve a cause greater than any of us. Our purpose is to faithfully take the word of the true God, about the true savior, to all the world, as it is written. Man made substitutes can not save. We will not offer them.

We do not have to choose between man made theories and organizations. We can be Christians, added by the Lord to His church. When the apostles preached this pure word of God and people obeyed it, the  Lord added them to the number of the saved. (Acts 2:41 & 47) People have the right to hear that message, that invitation today. We will try hard to faithfully deliver it to all our readers. This is the essence of loyalty as a Christian.

We will not offer you anyone’s opinion, ours or anyone else’s.  On every subject we will invite you to look at what the word of God says on that matter. Please read each article carefully with your Bible open. Check it for accuracy in comparison with that standard. It is the only measurement standard God has given us.

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Hank Says:

Great post, brother Hicks. I’m from the old school too!

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